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Names NICE 911 Recording & QM Company of the Year

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Industry-Leading Digital Evidence Management for Emergency Communications

#1 Industry Leader with Large Installed Base

With over three thousand deployments in public safety and transportation globally and 15 years of radio over IP recording experience, NICE Inform is the industry-leading digital evidence management (DEM) solution for emergency communications centers (also known as Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) and 911/112/999/000 centers).

Motorola Relationship

NICE Inform has the most reliable, robust radio over IP (RoIP) capability – it has been developed, tested and deployed jointly with Motorola over the last 15 years.  Because of our joint roadmap with Motorola, NICE Inform is the most feature-rich solution and its customers can be confident that it will always work with their Motorola radio systems.

Industry-leading Service

NICE delivers industry-leading service with proven methods, procedures and processes derived from years of experience supporting thousands of public safety customers worldwide.

Multi-channel Capture and Reconstruction

Multi-channel capture and reconstruction provides a single complete, true record and reconstruction of the interactions between citizens, 911 centers and first responders around an incident, detailing who knew what, when, and what actions they took as a result that can be easily and securely shared and understood by others. It captures, synchronizes and puts into content isolated information from multiple channels including telephony, radio, VoIP, CCTV, screen recording, CAD, location information, and text–to-911.

Organization and Distribution

Organization and distribution ensures accurate, traceable fulfillment of record requests by arranging collected content, including third party files, in central, secure folders with instant, web-based access for authorized reviewers and distributing the folders to external stakeholders in a tamperproof format.


Analytics helps uncover insights in captured content that might otherwise remain hidden, by enabling search for identified spoken words and automatically categorizing calls based on them. Using innovative technology designed for public safety communications, Inform’s analytics facilitates lead detection, monitors and identifies gaps in protocol compliance and highlights problematic calls for additional review.

Public-safety Specific Performance Evaluation

NICE Inform’s quality assurance application, specifically designed for public safety, enables evaluation of everything from a single interaction to complex incidents involving multiple channels, interactions and people. This holistic approach results in better insight into how to improve existing procedures, leading to a higher level of public confidence in the centers.

Multi-agency Sharing

Inform Matrix lets multiple agencies share radio or call-taking systems using a hosted configuration, helping them stretch their budgets. It provides secure sharing of selected Inform recording resources with other, trusted agencies while retaining local control. This enables multi-agency incident reconstruction, saving time and providing clarity for the most complex multi-jurisdictional incidents. 

NICE Inform Applications Ecosystem

The NICE Inform applications ecosystem shows how the different Inform applications work together to provide a single complete, true record and reconstruction of the interactions between citizens, emergency centers and first responders around an incident and gives emergency centers better insight into how to improve their service to the public, leading to a higher level of public confidence in the centers. By capturing, managing, synchronizing and putting into context an increasing volume and variety of multi-channel interactions, NICE Inform details who knew what, when, and what actions they took as a result in a format that can be easily and securely shared and understood by others. Each of the boxes in the diagram represents an application in the NICE Inform digital evidence management ecosystem: the network, multi-channel information capture and integration, analytics, real-time decision support, information management and synchronization, performance management and a shared, hosted service.

NICE Inform Success Stories

Los Angeles Police Department

Largest PSAP on West Coast

  • 6 million calls per year
  • Over 3.7 million residents
NICE Solution:
  • Fully redundant NICE Inform
  • Two sites with geo-backup including redundant storage
  • Integration with Motorola MCC 7500
Result: Improved production and shortened wait time

New York City Police

Most populated city in US

  • 12+ million 911 calls a year
  • ECTP (NYPD and FDNY) – $3B, 15 year reorganization program
  • Processes 85,000 requests for audio evidence per year
NICE Solution:
  • Parallel recording solution
  • 20,000+ channels of recording at 10 physical locations
  • Audio Analytics – enables users to quickly find calls by searching for spoken words within recorded audio and automatically groups calls into user-defined categories based on identified key words
  • NICE RCR/Monitor used by supervisors in 911 call center and remote sites
Result: High resiliency – no single point of failure

City of Westminster Colorado

Home Rule Municipality in Adams and Jefferson counties

  • Serving over 100,000 residents, processing 150,000 calls a year
NICE Solution:
  • 96 channels of recording including VoIP telephony and IP Radio
  • NICE Inform Quality Assurance
Result: High level of service to the public and regional agencies

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, Florida

Fourth most populous county in Florida

  • About 1.3 million residents
  • Full service law enforcement agency
NICE Solution:
  • 150 audio channels recorded
  • Quality Assurance for 100 operators
Result: Automated QA process coupled with screen recording for improved service quality

NICE Inform

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